Riso Gallo Launch Sustainable Range in the UK

Riso Gallo has announced the results of the “Cultivate the Future” project for 2020, with innovative measures on social and environmental responsibility, highlighting their commitment to the needs of the community and farmers that they work with, such as reducing packaging materials, energy consumption, waste produced and CO2 emissions.

Riso Gallo is the first international brand in the sector to have undertaken the production of rice from sustainable agriculture, making their premium best-selling risotto rices - Gallo Risotto Tradition, Arborio, Carnaroli and Carnaroli Rustico - fully sustainable.



This means that almost 50% of Riso Gallo business in Europe (outside Italy) now comes from sustainable agriculture. And this is the first step of a progressive commitment from the company towards a fully sustainable approach to its’ rice business. The focus is on 0km sourcing, top quality raw materials and sustainable to the environment, people and local community. Sustainability and our commitment to  recyclable packs are also indicators of the continuous attention to excellence from the Italian Maestro of Risotto. 

All the premium rice varieties are produced only from sustainable agriculture, certified by the international “Farm Sustainability Assessment”, and are milled on traditional stones which, thanks to a gentle abrasion of the grain, retains part of its coating, giving it a slightly amber colour, and preserving its organoleptic and nutritional qualities. These high quality Carnaroli and Arborio are grown in a sustainable way a few kilometres from the Riso Gallo headquarters, located in the Pavia area, where the skilful workmanship of man combined with the best technologies build a modern agricultural model in natural balance with the earth and its fertility, respecting nature and the farmers. 

It stems from the collaboration with farms that guarantee full respect for workers' rights. And it is also advantageous for farmers, because Riso Gallo guarantees fair and stable prices which are agreed before sowing.

100% Italian rice and traced throughout its supply chain, from cultivation to packing, to offer high quality rice, produced efficiently, protecting the natural environment. 

All these rice variants are packaged using FSC certified cardboard. 

Riso Gallo new sustainable packaging

G   Guaranteed - 100% Sustainable

We oversee the whole supply chain, guaranteeing 100% sustainable practices according to the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform, as certified by an independent external auditor.


A   Authentic - 100% Premium Quality

Riso Gallo guarantees the origin of the rice, the traditional slow process using stone husking and whitening machines that allow a more gentle abrasion and a careful, grain by grain      selection using optical sorters.


 Local – 100% Italian

All our sustainable rice is cultivated exclusively in 14 selected farms in and around Robbio, where Gallo has its HQ.


L   Low Impact – Certified Cartons

We use only FSC certified cartons.


O   Original – No.1 in Italy

Riso Gallo is the Italian Maestro of Risotto since 1856. Our grains are ideal for classic risotto and many recipes.


Riso Gallo sustainable packaging