Filippo Berio

For over 150 years Filippo Berio Olive Oils have provided culinary inspiration to home cooks across the globe. The ongoing success through the years is no doubt testament to the passion and dedication of Filippo Berio himself, the man who set out in 1835 with a dream to make delicious olive oils worthy of his friends, his family – and his name.  Today his famous olive oils are produced by the SALOV Group, a historic olive oil company that has guarded the Filippo Berio legacy for over 90 years and continues even now to uphold his rigorous production standards.  From the careful selection of ingredients to the special blending and bottling of the oils, every phase is overseen by experienced olive oil specialists, blenders and tasters.  The unique flavour, versatility and important health benefits of Filippo Berio’s Olive Oil have ensured its lasting popularity through the years, making it today one of the leading olive oil brands in the world.