About Us

Our adventure started in 2000 when our Founder, Gerard, turned an entrepreneurial dream into a reality.  ​

Today, with a focus on core grocery categories and a continuously growing team; we collaborate with our partners to build impactful brand presence across the UK and Ireland.  From experienced sales and field coverage, to best-in-class marketing, supply chain and finance – our ambition is to be more than just a distributor, we want to be an extension of our Brand partners in local markets and channels.  ​

We may not be the biggest player in the market, but we see that as our biggest strength; with a fire in our bellies, we are passionate about unleashing potential, building brands, and delivering results through focus and dedication.  ​

We want to inspire – in words and deeds – to noise up the marketplace, punch way above our weight and win hearts and minds at the same time.  ​

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