Belfast Distributor, GM Marketing perfectly positioned to navigate BREXIT Challenges

Belfast based, brand-building distributor, GM Marketing are helping businesses navigate the challenges being suffered by many FMCG Brands as a result of Brexit complexities. With the companies Head Quarters and warehousing facilities based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, GM Marketing are in a unique position to service FMCG Brands struggling to access the Irish retail market because of the UK-EU Trade Agreement.

Situated in Northern Ireland, which while part of the UK, remains in the EU Customs Union for Goods, GM Marketing are a full-service distributor for several leading grocery Brands, importing products to their Belfast warehouse, and selling onward to the Republic of Ireland; affording many Brands the opportunity to sell to a UK business but avoid tariffs by removing consolidation in GB, and escape the increasing level of certification and paperwork required as a result of Brexit.



Commenting on the issue, GM Marketing’s Group Finance Director, James Woods, said; “Brexit has thrown a complex mix of issues and administration for Brands accessing the Irish market – a lot which were unforeseen or unknown before January this year, allowing no time to prepare.  While everyone was preparing commodity codes and inco-terms, I don’t think anyone was ready for the complexities caused by Rules of Origin and movement of products of animal origin.

At the beginning of Brexit, we formed a committee of internal finance and operations heads, coupled with external tax, customs, and legal experts, and started communicating with our agency brands to say, we know change is coming and we are prepared for every eventuality - we’re here to help and prepare your brand for the transition.” 

Since the start of January, GM Marketing have been approached by multiple brands seeking help to navigate the complexities of the situation.  One recent example is Rio Mare, Italy’s market-leading tuna brand, who because of supply to Ireland via GB, were facing the prospect of hefty tariffs and red tape. 

Commenting on the issue Woods said, “because we’ve now built the expertise and knowledge within our team to ensure we can get products into Northern Ireland in the most efficient way, and at the most competitive price, we were able to move quickly with Rio Mare, find a solution to their problem and ensure a seamless transition and continual supply of their Brand to the retail sector, whilst avoiding unnecessary tariffs and paperwork.

GM Marketing are also working with their established portfolio brands such as Filippo Berio, Tilda Rice and Fox’s biscuits to navigate Brexit challenges and the message from Woods is clear “if you’re struggling to access and supply your customers in the Irish market because of any Brexit issue, we are here and we want to help – so please get in touch”.