FREE’IST Sugar Swap Week

FREE’IST, the low-sugar snack range, are hosting Sugar Swap Week to encourage a better understanding of sugar intake and its impact on health.

FREE’IST believe great taste and better-for-you belong together. They are a young innovative brand who are passionate about helping people reduce their sugar intake, offering a great-tasting range of low sugar snacks that never compromise on flavour!

Are you concerned about your sugar intake? You are not alone! A recent market research study highlighted that 66% of consumers would like to see more food reduced in sugar and that over 80% of shoppers look for sugar in products they are purchasing. *

We often eat a lot of refined sugar without even knowing. In fact, on average we consume 2-3 times the recommended amount out bodies can safely process. This impacts out heart, pancreas, liver, brain and waistline and is linked to a lot of health issues.

So how can FREE’IST help? With a wide range of low-sugar snacks across multiple categories of Chocolate, Marshmallows, Popcorn and Cookies, the FREE’IST Sugar Swap Week will advise consumers on smart ways to ‘swap’ sugary snacks, to lower sugar alternatives, without having to sacrifice taste! The aim is to help consumers become more aware of sugar intake and to see the health benefits that can come from a lower-sugar diet.

Speaking about Sugar Swap Week, Catherine Downey, The Sporty Dietitian said, “The FREE’IST Sugar Swap Week is such a great opportunity to encourage a better understanding of sugar intake and its impact on health. There are several simple alternatives to sugar-laden foods including the delicious FREE’IST snack range. The aim of the initiative is to help consumers see the nutritional and health benefits that can come from a low-sugar diet. Why not try giving up sugar for a week? I’m sure you will notice the difference in your body, mood and energy after one week!”

From Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021, join FREE’IST on their Facebook and Instagram for fun Sugar Swap Week activities and giveaways!

Shop FREE’IST at or contact GM Marketing for more information.

* Food Standards Agency